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Introducing our brand new model, LTI-40. Very fuel (LN2) efficient: for a full 24-30 hour soak the consumption will be between 50-75 liters.


Overall dimensions: 47"L x 22"H x 20"W
Inner dimensions: 20"L x 12"H x 10"W
Weight: 145 lbs
Payload capacity: 100 lbs



Perfect for the small-batch market, our new TC-20 cryogenic processor allows you to do your own in-house processing at a very affordable cost. Using our proven Vari-Cold process, this unit is equipped with the latest temperature controller. Operating this "plug and play" unit requires three simple steps: load, push a button, and unload when the process is complete.


Overall: 26" wide x 28" long x 44" high
Inner Chamber: 15 1/2" wide x 17 1/2" long x 30" high
Weight: 310 lbs
Payload capacity: 220 lbs



The LT 100 is designed to compliment the popular Cryotron LT 250 and LT 375/400 "big batch" cryogenic processors. Ideal for smaller payloads or "rush" orders, this compact unit boasts the same heavy-duty construction, superior insulation, and programmable digital controls featured on the larger Cryotron processors.


Overall: 56" long x 32" high x 28" wide
Inner Chamber: 40" long x 16" high x 16" wide
Weight: 875 lbs
Payload Capacity: 850 lbs

LT 250/375/400


The LT 250 is a real Journeyman. Its fuel efficiency, easy loading, and large payload capacity make it the ideal unit for most processing requirements. Extra-large payload capacity to accommodate engine blocks, long blades, and other bulky items. Designed for efficiency, these units' liquid nitrogen consumption for a full 70 hour run (with 2,000 lbs. payload) is a stingy 900 litres at ambient 70F. The LT 375 is 6" lower than the LT 400, but all other dimensions remain the same.


LT 250 Overall:
66" L x 41" H x 36" W
Inner Chamber:
48" L x 24" H x 24" W
Weight: 1,300 lbs
Payload Capacity: 2,500 lbs
LT 3LT 375 Overall: 78" L x 42" H x 42" W
Inner Chamber:
60" L x 24" H x 30" W
Weight: 1,600 lbs
Payload Capacity: 4,000 lbs
LT 400 Overall :
78" L x 48" H x 42" W
Inner Chamber:
60" L x 30" H x 30" W
Weight: 1,875 lbs
Payload Capacity: 4,000 lbs


Drop In Unit
The Drop In Unit is a very efficient way to take advantage of 2-in-1 processor. With Drop In Unit , there is no need for purchasing additional equipement, but rather use the larger unit

Standard Equipment Features (All Models):

Time/Temperature Digital Programmable Controller
Digital Elapsed Time Clock
User Friendly Control Panel
6" Insulated Walls and Floor
Hydraulic Assist, Top Loading Insulated Lid
110 Volt Operation
RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor
Electronic Safety Shut-off
7 Foot Flexible S/S Transfer Hose
Powder Coat Finish
Operation Manual
On-Going Technical Support


220V 50Hz Operation
Chart Recorder
Exhaust hoses
Custom Color Powder Coat
Custom Dimensions

You can choose from our existing line of equipment, or you can work with our specialists to create your own CUSTOM BUILD Cryotron unit!!





project: Valvulas Worcester de Mexico

custom unit was built on a basis of a standard processor LT-100. The dimensions of the unit remain the same

the customer requested a custom built lid with openings for cryogenically testing valves

the control center was moved to the side

final inspection before shipment

Cryogenic Equipment

Cryotron's processors and tempering ovens are rugged, reliable units; cryogenic equipment built for heavy duty performance and designed for durability, serviceability and accuracy.

All of Cryotron's freezer chambers are constructed of 3/16 inch low carbon stainless steel. A unique, proprietary Cryotron design eliminates weld cracks and stress related warping. We are so confident of this proven design, Cryotron provides a three year warranty on the chamber integrity. Between the walls is 6 inches of the best insulation available for cryogenic applications. It too is warranted for three years, as part of the chamber. Electrical components carry their original manufacturers warranties.

An advanced digital programmable controller, with full ramp/soak capabilities, directs the descent rate, soak duration and temperature settings selected for your cryogenic treatment process. Coupled to an RTD Platinum Resistance Temperature Sensor, this system provides unparalleled accuracy to ramp settings. Over-shoot is eliminated. All units operate on 110 Volt A/C.

Consider Cryotron’s Advantage ... Call Us Today To Learn More!”

For more information about cryogenic treatment of metals, or for more info about our cryogenic equipment, please contact us at our email: info at, or phone us at 1-832-690-2717. Cryogenic equipment financing is available through a low-cost leasing program.

Cryotron offers our customers complete and on-going technical support. As an active Cryogenic Processing Center, serving a wide variety of industrial clients, we are continually investigating new applications for the cryogenic treatment process.

Cryotron also provides an extensive materials data-base as well as current and innovative methodology for your processing procedures.

Our Vari-Cold Cryogenic Process will insure positive and consistent results each and every run.

The Cryotron three year warranty is an expression of our confidence in the materials and workmanship of our cryogenic equipment. It is also your assurance of many years of dependable service.

To learn more about Cryotron's equipment,
please visit our FAQ section.

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